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Genre: Tech House

Additional Styles: Tech House and House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 123 - 127

This set of "Swing Tech House" definitely has an old school sampler/ house feel which I really like. The loops actually sound old school - not like these were created in 2019 but something stemmming from the past. Perhaps coming from 90's sampler sets. When I say "sampler" - I mean the real thing...back in the day Akai or Roland samplers. The drum loops feel more authentic to 909 sounds. The bass loops are simple, fat and round, almost like a Juno 106. Synth loops sound more sample-like as well or perhaps emulations of original synths. All in all, a cool collective of bounced tech house.

This pack does not disappoint! An incredible selection of sounds on offer here - rolling basslines, driving percussion and all incompassing those classic drum sounds throughout! Another one stop shop for that tech house sound that would also work well on any house music tip in the studio!

Nice set of tech house sounds from Genkins - great to start a real and authentic sounding tech-house production in 2019 style. You get all the parts and elements needed for an entire track, starting from loads of bass loops, drum loops as full, top, and partial loops plus the single shots. The FX sounds work perfectly for any kind of house track and they can add this special kind of 'spice' to a production. The collection of synth loops is huge! And there is everything from vintage stabs to analog hits, filter sweeps and rhythmic or sequenced elements. Really inspiring! SOme pretty decent vocal hits are there as well, so it's kinda easy to create a complete track with this pack. Nice one!


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