Real fan of this one! Sound quality is on point as expected from Cinetools. The textures are very emotional and inspirational. From tranquility to dramatic tragedy, these moody sounds really manage to evoke specific emotions to the listener. They inject life into any cold bass music tune which is exactly what I am looking for here!

Another excellent pack from Cinetools Loads of great material in this sample pack. Exceptionally useful for trailer work & soundtracking. I thought there was a really great selection of hits and risers especially. I really liked the mood / them of 'hope' High quality all round

This one is busting at the seams, with jaw-dropping cinematic bliss! Hats off to Cinetools for creating such a magnificent pack! The application of these larger-than-life sounds in music always creates a visceral reaction which is the perfect contrast to the formatted/repetitive nature of electronic music. This pack caters to a large range of emotions from ethereal to dark and everything in-between. Despite the size being 15GB, the sounds have been labeled with bpm and key info which is a real time-saver when dragging sounds into a project! The added "Bonus" folder with field recordings is very tasteful and useful for any post-production work!


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