Its really hard to come across a really good appreigator sample, in here is loads. Very clean and well engineered appreigator samples ready for any bpm, try staying away from the casual 128 and really experiment and im sure what your get is a surprise!!

There are also some really great synth shots in here but tbh once you have found the appreigator section then its guna be a while tll you take a look at anything else haha

Really good assortment of sounds. The loops are more musical than other standard Electro style loop sets. The drumloops are actually nice kick loops and then you get Toploops so you can mix and match your kick with the style you are working on and then pick the right top end loop. This is a much smarter way of breaking it down rather than a 'full-on' drum loop with all elements in one sample. Wish more people would break it down this way. Great glitched vocal loops round out the package. This set is a more creative and diverse set than the standard fare. Highly recommended.

good collection of samples - all in there, all sound work well and are 100% useful! I love the arpeggiator stuff and some of the drum samples directly went into one of my tracks...good one!


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