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Genre: Hardcore

Additional Styles: Hardcore, Hard Dance, and Techno



One Shots

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BPM: 155

Since the launch of our new 24/7 Hard label, we have been on the scout for some high end rawstyle and harder styles packs, singomakers have come up top of the tree with this one! everything you will need in one! high end spire and sylenth patches, tonnes of key mapped melody and bass loops with midi files, even vocals, raps, shouts and a nasty selection of drum loops .. more please!

Yet again, Singomakers deliver a pack of quality. The samples can be used in any style of hard music and that's what I look for. The cleanliness of the samples is unmatched, the synths used are very good and in the desired style. I will clearly use these packs on future compositions!

I must say, I am a little disappointed with this pack. I find it really too similar to other Rawstyle singomakers packs. However, as always, the audio quality is there. I would like sounds a little more original like the artists "Malice" or "Luminite". A lot of sound different from what you usually hear. I still put the score of 8 because Singomakers are the only ones to offer such a quality and to make tools for this style.

Probably one of the best Raw sample packs. All the kicks are sick and usable in your productions, using them as layers or as main elements. It will help you to find great ideas for making the rawest Hardstyle ever.


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