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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House and Deep House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 129

This is such a wicked sample pack from Loopmasters and Cassimm! There are so many great bass and drum sounds that will spice up any house production. These samples will definitely work their way into some of our upcoming tracks.

Yeah man, nice job Cassimm. Here's an artist that loves their work and is not afraid to share. Everything is so well put together here that if deep, simple, minimal, old skool etc etc HOUSE is your thing then step right up and buy! I love the splitting of the drum loops into Kick, Hat, Percussion, Snare & Clap and Top loops. Makes you feel like you are making the tune as you have to decide what goes together. The loops themselves are not only produced well but got really great grooves within them making everything feel authentic. Back in my day you worked weeks on an MOC to get this style now Cassimm has honourably served it all up on a plate for you. There's the bass loops too which are quite deep and playful in a good way. And I usually dislike synth loops as it is not what producers do best but in this pack they are minimal and stopped back allowing you to throw a delay on a loop and have it working funked up style. Great job will be using.

A true representation of that Cassimm sound. Clean and punchy drums, warm vibey bass and some great little synth hooks. This pack is worth buying just for the Kick drums and top loops alone! Everything you need for that clean, chunky tech vibe.


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