If you like them having a fat bottom, don't look further! She is here!!! This pack contains some really brutal basses to make your production really tough. Underground techno, dubstep and beyond; check this package, she might be quite fat, but you will learn to love her.

There is nothing subtle about this pack, but then that's not really why you clicked on it is it?! What there is in here is a multitude of raunchy bass sounds that would make a hooker blush. Dirtier than the rejected scenes from one of High Rankin's home movies.

Mr Rankin dishes the dirt on a a series of unmissable one-shot hits - an asset to any bass-led producer form any musical discipline. For lovers of one-shot packs from rival companies this is a must. I am caning these now, don't get left behind.

Serious gully baseline's, Rankin audio delivering the goods once more... guarantee you if you were to purchase this pack at least one sample would find its way into a production you had ticking away! All bpm's covered, personal Favorited is the reece, can never get bored of that raw sound!! Nothing more to say then absolute perfection, does exactly what its says on the tin!!

Spine tingling eye-popping rear rumbling collection of great bass sounds. Infinitely useful in any bass heavy production whether it be for a looped modulated Dubstep bass or just a simple distorted 808 kik. All one shots can be spanned to make them even more versatile. Recommended.

Very impressed so far with the sample pack lots to use and choose. Save time if you want a bassline line load in Kontakt and play and edit. Will be using this in the future, looking forward to the next copilation, a must buy in my eyes. It's good because you can take parts and make them to suit you

Heavy Bass Oneshots by Rankin Audio is a fine collection of bass sounds from modulated wobbles to dirty ripping and tearing bass ! Most perfect for any Bass Junkie! This is an ultimate 10 out of 10 for Bassist creativity and i stronly recomend this for any serious Dubstep and DNB producer!

An excellent pack here with a wide variety of bass hits ready to chop up and throw around any production from Dubstep to Electro House. This pack is jam packed full of monster basslines in several different notes/keys to suit any production, and offers enough scope to really push your creative levels with sample-based production. boom!

Lots of interesting bass sounds here,very useful when you want some heavyweight bass sounds for making some dance floor pressure,you can never have enough bass sounds in my opinion and this pack has some heavy ones for sure.


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