Now this is one exemplary sound collection. Focused, varied, useful, crisp sounding recordings and played by a higly skilled and talented musician. The vast amount of different patterns throughout a wide set of tempo's make for a drum library that will be useful in a bunch of different settings. Grabbing half a bar of a drumroll to finish off a drum&bass loop, spicing up your drumpart with one of the cymbal-heavier patterns, or simply finding the right basic drumloop to record a song demo onto. Lookin for more acoustic and organic sounding drums for your hip hop beats? Pretty sure there's some useful stuff for you in here as well. This pack contains not a single 'filler' sound, it's 100% what it says on the tin and does a great job at that too.

UK drummer Betts (Goldie, Jarvis Cocker, Pete Tong, Colossal Squid) serves up almost 10GB of...

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Drummer, Adam Betts, has played with everyone from Squarepusher to the Heritage Orchestra, so...

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On hearing Adam at the Royal Alber Hall With Goldie, and then discovering he had a sample pack, I knew I had to get it. If your drummer is unavailable for a session or your drum library just wont cut it. Dont worry this pack has you covered in so many ways, you have stems tracked out from full Drum Loops, individual hits its all here its excellent. A real treat if your looking for syncopated beats in the style of D&B but this is so much more and genre defying, the level of detail is amazing but not a surprise. Such a jewel to have all the folders with tempo and styles and various version of Loops, Breaks, and so much detail in Drum Hits, Drum Roles, the Hi Hats are so detailed with great groove, know drum machine programming here purely live and direct with such a great tone and warmth, the recording of these drums are top draw. So useable and is the perfect addition to your drum sound resourses. The rhythm patterns are absolutely fantastic and the fact you get all the elements broken down to their individual elements is priceless. You will come back to this pack time after time truly inspiring.


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