like many of the massive presets packs for dubstep this provides you with a wide variety of dubstep sounds that are very "now" , and if this is what your after then this does a great job of providing that for you. with alot of mixing and tweaking however you can squeeze some unique sounds out of it.

Massive Dubstep - Nebula Womp by Industrial strength is a fine collection of Dubsteping goodies for ones Massive synth comes well packed with some powah punching Basses and synths a real treat for any Dubsteping Massive Junkie! a good 10 out of 10!! and a must for any serious producer in the world of Dubstep.

some amazing presets here - the Massive was built for sounds like this

I am certain this pack will become an essential part of my engineering for the next few months

More of the same please

big pack of bassline goodness
loadsa great fat bass sounds deffo a goods addon to your sound library. Some decent massive presets also ,
nice to have a mixture or audio and presets in one pack , deffo adds an extra dimension


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