This is exactly what I was looking for. Some dirty grooves and great inspiration for tracks, that are not only 4 to the floor, but still banging! Great Job overall. UNDRGRND Sounds is my way to go for current, "hip" club sounds!!

Oh wow all good this pack more on the break beat side of things very high standard as always drum loops are ace on this one really like it a lot bass & music loops are cool too and of course midi is there too. Whats not to like this one is not just for break beat electro you can use it on other music styles too.

Powder keg of genuine electro tools: another high fidelity lo-fi hat-trick from UNDRGRND with grit and vibe from an era gone by yet with all the ability to embed into future-proof productions.  Plenty of source to build nuff electro and I love that these sounds aren't trying too hard or feeling forced but rather sit right in the pocket of their intended genre and shine. 


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