Save a massive 90% on 10 award-winning Loopmasters sample packs this Easter.


1) Simply guess the pack name from the clues below

2) Search for the sample pack to see if it is 90% off

Valid from 17:00 (BST) 17th April // Offer ends at 17:00  (BST) 29th April. 


Golden Egg Pack 1:  ________ DnB 2
CLUE: The control next to the cutoff makes percussion and sub frequencies

Golden Egg Pack 2:  ________ Pulse
CLUE: A sense of space with a beating heart 

Golden Egg Pack 3: ________ Dub Techno 2
CLUE: The capital of Germany plays reggae at the Berghain 

Golden Egg Pack 4: ________ Rock & Dub
CLUE: This stone belongs to a couple

Golden Egg Pack 5: ________ Trap & Future RnB
CLUE: Relax or you’ll be caught!

Golden Egg Pack 6: ________ SFX
CLUE: A thunderous sound result

Golden Egg Pack 7: ________ Beauty Deep House
CLUE: A dimly lit, underground abode looks gorgeous

Golden Egg Pack 8: ________ City
CLUE: A wave of hazy mist crashed into a metropolis

Golden Egg Pack 9:  _______ Guitars and Soundscapes
CLUE: This film is full of Stratocasters, Les Pauls and acoustic environments

Golden Egg Pack 10: _______ Blend 2
CLUE: An organic herbal mix for hotbox