Top 5 | The Best Drum & Bass Sample Packs (D&B) from Rankin Audio | Samples, Loops, Sounds


1. Liquid Drum and Bass Soul
Liquid Drum And Bass Soul by Rankin Audio is a journey into the lush, layered, musical world that Drum And Bass loves to live in. Filling out the sonic spectrum with rich, melodic elements that bounce off each other in their own tonal beauty and pour out of the speakers like a fine wine. Crisp synth arps over the top of deep, ethereal pads and high register strings. Chipper lead lines intersected with warm, low-end bass giving you everything you need to make it feel like a summer day rave even in the darkest depths of the British winter.

2. Counterstrike Pres. Hard Drum & Bass
Collectively producing since 1998, Counterstrike have had over 50 releases on various high profile Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Electro and Dubstep labels such as Steve Aoki's Dim Mak, Rob Playford's legendary Moving Shadow, Dieselboy's Human, Black Sun Empire Recordings and Excision's Rottun. Apart from their busy production schedule, they're playing out constantly. 2011 saw them DJ in 18 countries.

3. Tear Out Drum & Bass
Many genres come and go but DNB has remained constant since the mid-late 90s and is now as big, exciting and creative as it ever has been. Rankin Audio is very excited to present Tear-Out DNB for those that like it fast paced, rolling and seriously dirty.

4. Ultimate DNB Drums
Rankin Audio returns all cylinders firing with this latest high octane DnB drum loops pack that takes in the whole gamut of this multi-faceted scene. 

5. Classic Hard DnB
Skullstep, Nailcore, whatever you want to call it, the classic sound of Hard DNB is a force to be reckoned with. Responsible for some of the wildest dancefloors in the world in the mid naughties and still doing the damage world wide. 

Rankin Audio is the loop and sample vehicle from High Rankin.

Offering nothing but the best and most usable samples and loops. Produced by some of Dubstep, DNB and Electro's key players, we focus on ultimate usability and flexibility.  Rankin Audio pushes the fresh, innovative sound that is at the forefront of the dance scene.

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