Top 5 - Synthwave Sample Packs & Serum Presets - Your Guide To Synthwave Loops, Samples and Sounds


This week we're counting down the Top 5 best Synthwave sample packs on Loopmasters as of June 2019.

1. Arcade | LP24 Audio

Inside you’ll find 90 Xfer Serum presets inspired by classic video game soundtracks, synthwave, cyberpunk, 1980’s film music, and neo-synth genres. Find every type of retro sound you’ll need, many with cutting edge sonic twists and turns, and all of them with your music projects in mind.

As with all our Serum packs, each preset has all 4 macros usefully assigned. Also included: 16 custom wavetables and 21 carefully sampled Noise Osc samples.

Attention synth geeks: we have sampled some of the most iconic analog synthesizers into custom Serum Wavetables and Noise Osc samples for you. This includes sampling the original waveforms from classic and recent instruments.

2. Retro Chillwave | Freaky Loops

’Retro Chillwave' ready to evoke spirit of the 80's sounds!

This revolutionary sample pack comes with all the necessary elements that can inspire you over and over again. Featuring truly amazing retro sounds combined with Chillwave aesthetics. From 80’s power beats to synth drum fills, driving retro-synth basses to lush pads, vintage lead melodies to interstellar arpeggios, galactic synths to power chords, lo-fi FXs to atmospheric melodies and more

3. Future Retro Wave | IQ Samples

IQ Samples is proud to present Future Retro Wave - The Next Episode.

The Next Episode is a more elaborate and developed sequel to the IQ Samples’ bestseller Future Retro Wave pack.

It will help you share your own storyline illuminated by neon lighting - so cold and yet so bright.

30 outstanding presets for Serum (each preset has 4 assigned macros for a speedy search), more than 100 loops (drums, bass, fills, melody), vocal FXs, MIDI, multiple FXs and 180 top-notch one shots.

4. Vaporwave | Freaky Loops

Vaporwave' ready to evoke spirit of the 80's nostalgic sounds in a more pitch-perfect modern way.

This pack comes with some truly amazing retro sounds combined with modern electronica and spiced with lo-fi aesthetics. You can expect to find here with 595MB of material spread over 225 ground-breaking loops & samples to be used in variety of futuristic music. From chunky drums to slow-mo grooves, dusty synth to grimy rhythms, retro-infused melodies to stubby basses, fuzzy noises to dreamy arpeggios, driving retro basslines to heavy synth-basses, lo-fi FXs and more.. Contains all the materials you need to produce chart-breaker tracks!

5. Neon | Ghost Syndicate

Ghost Syndicate is proud to announce our new 80s influenced sample pack ‘NEON’, a fresh and electrifying selection of Synthwave/Retrowave loops and one-shots, inspired by the spirit of retrofuturism, science fiction and cyberpunk.

Packed with new wave and electro elements, dystopian synths, warm melodies, hypnotic pads, machine-drummed beats and pulsating bass lines: every tool you’ll need to capture the nostalgic palette of 80s film soundtracks and video games.