Top 5 - Best Disco Sample Packs - Your Guide To Disco Loops, Samples & Sounds


This week we're counting down the Top 5 Best Disco sample packs on Loopmasters as of August 2019.

1. Disco Cassette | Singomakers

Singomakers are back with their tribute to classic Disco house spiced up a little bit with modern grooves and energy of dance-floors!

In Disco Cassette you will find Strings, Guitars, Drum Loops, Retro Synths, Pianos, Vocals and many more!

2. Disco Tek | Niche Audio

Niche Audio proudly presents ‘Disko Tekk’.

15 Deep Melodic kits massively influenced by the classic sound of Chicago and New York - mixed with the tasty Raw Funk of French House - packed with vibe and authenticity.

If you’re looking to take your production into a more soulful vibe, or just want to start a new chapter - ‘Disko Tekk’ will be the pack that gets you going.

3. Disco Funky House | Apollo Sound

Disco Funky House is the new disco house sample pack presented by Apollo Sound. You know dat funky vibe of wah wah guitar samples and slap-bass on fat house beat, right? Or disco fiddles mixed with modern synth arpeggio. Packed with amazing nu disco loops and drums grooves, the soundscapes are set to impress any music lover, aiming to create top-notch production, with inspirations ranging from Daft Punk, Bob Sinclair to Me & My Toothbrush and Flight Facilities.

4. Disco Strings | Organic Loops

Disco Strings from Organic Loops is the brand new sample pack of stellar quality royalty free Disco House string loops recorded by Pete Whitfield. 

From soaring melodies to rhythmical stabs, heart wrenching to uplifting and for those who like to get more creative, there are also stand-alone chords for you to make your own progressions.

5. Around the Daft House | Singomakers

Around The World, Around The World….we have been collecting these sounds for this amazing sample pack! Yes, this is a sample library of sounds inspired by music of the legendary Daft Punk.

Here you will find some Retro Disco Synths alongside with Funky Guitars, House Loops and Vocoder Vocals.