Do I Need To Stick To One Genre?

As a producer, it can be easy to fall into familiar patterns and routines. Many of us fall in love with a particular genre and craft our latest musical creations in that genre. But that doesn’t mean that you should stick to that genre. In this post, we check out some of the most compelling reasons to branch out.

Why You Should Experiment

The music industry has changed a lot over the years. Big record labels and A&R managers were the gatekeepers of music and crafted the scene to their liking. Luckily, this didn’t stop the emergence of unique and fresh talent.

Electronic music was born as an underground movement that has now taken over the mainstream. This newfound acceptance also comes with some problems. There is a risk of stagnation as the scene gets more attention. Producers can fall into a pattern of imitating what is currently popular. All in the hopes of attaining the same level of success other artists have achieved.

This goes against the spirit of innovation and experimenting that helped forge the electronic music scene. Imagine if the likes of Daft Punk never tried to experiment. We would never have experienced a great album like Homework which is among the top 50 most influential dance music albums of all time.

The rate of change is also fast-paced. As technology evolves so does the music. All you need to do is listen to a Trance track from a decade ago and compare it to one today to see the vast difference.

Experimenting with genres opens up your musical senses. The explosion of genres and sub-genres is almost neverending in electronic music. Many emerging and popular genres come from mashing up the best elements from several genres.

Limiting yourself to one genre limits your creative potential. As a producer, you should constantly challenge yourself. Dipping into other genres for inspiration and samples is one of the easiest ways to get you out of your comfort zone and experimenting.

How To Experiment

The idea of moving out of your genre for samples can be daunting. If you are in a comfortable groove you should start by moving within complementary genres. For example, if you specialize in crafting Techno tracks you could grab the Dark Room Techno pack. This will open you up to experiment with grittier and chunkier sounds. This is the most natural way to get started with different genres.

From there I would recommend you branch out to genres that are not in your comfort zone. Going back to the Techno example you could pick up the Deep Funky House Vol. 1 pack. Using this new set of samples you can begin experimenting with various elements. For example, layering chopped funky house vocals over your well-crafted beats can lead you to some unique creations. This will also allow you to develop your style. With so much competition out there it’s important to craft your own unique identity.

There is a massive range of high-quality samples available in the Loopmasters catalog in a variety of genres. This opens up so many creative possibilities. It could result in small additions to your existing works in progress. It could also spark genre-bending and innovative new creations.

Most producers also DJ or at least dabble in DJing. Many of the packs available on Loopmasters feature one-shot samples. You can use these samples to experiment further. If you don’t currently DJ it’s something I would recommend. Experiencing how your tracks work in a DJ environment can inform your future productions. All the best DJ controllers for beginners feature sample and looping options. It’s a quick and easy way to experiment with new samples. It can also lead to creative and interesting DJ sets. This takes your performance game to a new level and furthers sets you apart from your peers.

DJs are always on the lookout for the next big track. Good DJs won’t restrict themselves to one strict genre. They explore and incorporate a range of styles into their sets. As a producer, you should also seek inspiration from a range of sources.

Have Fun

The most important point is to enjoy yourself. Experimenting with samples outside of your comfort zone can be both inspiring and frustrating. But, the results can be amazing. In a constantly shifting musical landscape, it’s important to keep innovating and growing as an artist.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to produce tracks suited to your main genre. The key is to allocate some time in your workflow to experiment and have fun outside of your comfort zone. It will keep your creative juices flowing. It can also solidify the aspects you enjoy the most in your preferred genre.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and push the boundaries. You may create something unique that redefines your career or possibly even give birth to a whole new genre.