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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 174 - 174

Just lovely, warm and powerful basslines, tight drums combined with those melodic synth pads will make your drum and bass music producer life very easy. Presented by Loopmasters the quality of these audio elements is of course top-notch. Big up Loopmasters!

Very deep and rolling indeed! This is a great and fun pack for budding producers to get their hands on. The beats are amazing and the bass is tight and larger than life. This pack offers a great selection of musical and fx elements so that you may use in tracks quickly to get your ideas down. All in all, a very well thought out pack with loads of great sounds.

They see me rolling at 174bpm. Some schooled out drums in this pack that I will draw for, loving the effects and bass loops. The multi synths and and bass's are my thing, I'm always looking for more raw elements to twist up. This is one of the better packs available right now.

This pack is the embodiment of deep immersive DnB because all elements feel homogenous and play well with each other! The Drum Loops are what caught our attention, because they have the heavy saturated punch and snap you’d expect from synthesis, with an organic breakbeat sounding top-end. This hybrid of form and function is what we always try to achieve with our drums. The Bass Loops & Hits are fresh and easy to manipulate in your sampler. The Pads are luscious and evocative. Ideally, there could have been more rhythmic and arpeggio synth loops but this is overshadowed by the quality of all the other sections!

The "juiciest" snare drums I've ever heard.All drums and percussion useful for fast bpm. You don`t need to cut or process this drums, it`s mix-ready. Suitable for both Liquid and for heavier Neuro tunes. And of course a lot of inspiring atmospheres and effects.Must have for every modern DnB producers.

Loopmasters’ latest combines rolling breaks, swelling pads and powerful modern basslines...

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