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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House, Artist Series, and Nu Disco


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BPM: 70 - 133

One of the best packs we got on Loopmasters created by the multi talented producer Mario Basanov!
We really like the varied loops here, either its Disco / Nu-disco, Groovy or Funky House, beats & cut up electronic funk that can take a really cool part on your dope productions.
Even if u are djing with Abelton or samplers etc u can use stuff here, be sure to check out this wicked pack - its a must!
Will be playing with some of the stuff here on the pack at the studio shortly..

This pack contain some quality samples - great for Deep House genre, The Synth Music loops are soulful and inspiring, featuring a good mixture of sounds like lead melodies, stabs, chords etc. Also drum loops are very powerful. Already using some of these on my production. Highly recommended...

Very usable selection of kicks/clap-snares and hats. The beat loops are absolutely brilliant too !! Some of the music loops are incredible , as are some of the efx. Gotta be the best sample pack yet in my humble opinion :)

Very good product, well crafted and produced. The loops are very musical. I could've used more one shot hits (drums, keys, bass) as I don't really use pre-made loops in my music but If you do, it's an amazing package. thx

Some really cool disco loops, one hits and quirky samples for inspiration. There is a lot of ground covered here in terms of song tempo, which allows a surprising amount of variety and uses to this pack. Sound quality is also great.

There's a real focus on quality over quantity in this pack, which I think is nice to see and the result is that pretty much every musical loop is useable as are the bass loops. There is actually a ton of drum loops too, all with an authentic sound - really on point for not only disco house styles but also the more organic styles that are popular at the moment. Although it's all funky material, There is nothing cheesy or contrived in here. Recommended.


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