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Genre: Bass Music

Additional Styles: Bass Music, Dubstep, and Industrial Techno


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 135

Oh what a fantastic library we get from RV Samplepacks with Industrial Bass Music. Everything is hard hitting, even the Hihats, hahaha. The Basslines are kind of funky, but you can chop it up and do you own sequences. You also get very cool Single Sounds that you can put in your samplers and twist and turn it to your liking.

Wow, I just love this pack! I'm into industrial sounds a lot and as I was listening to the Drum Loops folder, I noticed each element in there was super inspiring me. Really good quality samples, powerful and even if "industrial sounds" might seem cold, these samples has that warmth that can easily integrate in your productions of any kind.

Some super heavy sounds in this pack! A decent range of textures in the basses and synths, plus a full compliment of percussion ranging from metallic hats and snares, through to glitched hits and big kicks. Most of the content is distorted/saturated so this is great all round pack for those genres like Hardcore, Dubstep, Industrial Techno etc. that need a gritty edge.

2020 perfect era for Industrial Dub driven dance music ! RV come with an absolute mind-warping alternative edge to Industrial electronica with outstanding gnarly sub Bass and drums also well laced with some megga ace odd synth loops all in Rex or you Rex junkies ideal for any serious producer who wants depth and an edge beyond the lame excuse of mainstream materialistic dribble we all sadly hear too much of lol . :D


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