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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House, Deep House, Tech House, and Synths

This is a fat pack with interesting sounds, lot of current sounding nice material to work with. Love it.
I also like the midi file section with all the chords in major and minor to let a chavvy dj like me feel like kinda musician! :)

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Really cool sounds, super usable, loads of fun to work with and really nice having them separated into major and minor chords. Great pack, good work.

A bunch of chords many not seem the most exciting part of your sample collection. However I can safely say this would undoubtedly be one of the most useful packs in your collection (if you used it properly and spent time with it). In this collection of chords you have so many possibilities and variations of chord sounds you can use in your productions. Simply listening to a few of the chords should start firing off the imagination and in no time you could be making this years biggest hit.

Excellent quality through out. Time was taken to layer patches together to get the sounds just right. And one little note I must mention. I was glad they didn't add delay on every chord. Only a few chords have delay added which can sometimes be a problem when your trying to slot a sound with precision in to your track.

I like specialist packs which do just one thing and dont try to be everything to everyone. I thoroughly liked this pack because its extremely useful for so many genres from Tec House, Electro, RnB, Trance, Hip Hop, and Techno. Just drop a few of these chords in your sampler or sample drum player and you will be coming out with riffs in no tine. Add a filter here and there, a touch of delay and reverb (your own FX) and it should all sound pretty damn good.

You would be daft not to buy it.

Chris Cowie

such a useful tool to have , basically its loads of chords ! great to have the midi and also the patches too so you can either use them as is or re write tweek and add to them and work out the progressions you need to make your track rock , loving this pack, just really simple but gives you the options to work how you like

Really enjoyed using this sample pack. It's helped me out a few times If I've ever been in a session needing a bit of inspiration. Def worth a purchase!

As always, very full, robust and easy use parts from you guys. Makes my job as a producer, educator, remixer and DJ slightly easier. The range and depth of these parts are great for layering parts, sketching ideas or inspiring new ones. As always, thank you very much for putting these out!
Chris Lum ~ Moulton


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