Great sounds for Massive. Anyone doing Complextro, Dubstep or Electro will have lots to do with these presets. Some of the basses seem similar but there is a good amount to chose from. The few sound fx/risers and leads are nice but the best part are the basses. A bunch of the sounds are different than many of the sound sets out there - so you get your moneys worth. Freaky Loops & Utku always provide the best material and this is on par with all his other releases.

Very cool collection of presets. A lot of useful sounds for Dirty Dutch House, Electro, Complextro and Dub Step too. Already making a new track with it :)

Freaky Loops is back to attack your Ni Massive in a big way. This supa mega patch pack has what you need to get the party started when your looking for dope sounds to get your Complextro and Dubstep production off and running. This pack is a perfect tool to add that extra bit of sonic love that your track deserves I am definelty looking forward to rocking a few of these patches in my next Remix.

very nice set of presets here ,pretty much every one is either a great sound to use , or a solid starting point for tweeking into something dope ! theres not loads of them , but whats there is really good and useable so its great thats theres no fillers so you dont fill up your presets with stuff you wont use!
deffo a decent pack


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