Another excellent pack by Glimpes. This time very well recorded sounds from the real world. Quality is amazing and these samples can be very useful in your production. Highly Recommended...

When Chris told me he was doing this sample pack the first thing I told him was I can't wait to get my hands on it. He gave me a couple of these style of recordings a year or so ago. Since then I have gone on to start recording my own. Have these sorts of samples is invaluable for making unique sounding music. ON almost all of my productions you will find a noise loop side-chained against against the kick to add some analogue grit and hiss that is missing in so much of today modern music due to the use of software over hardware. If you listen back to any of the great recordings in the world you will hear this sound is there. The ambient white noise although extremely subtle helps to add a lots of depth in the over audio perception.

I cannot recommend this pack enough. I would have happily paid twice the price for it.

ps. This is not a biased review. I am purely stating facts here.

Lovely stuff. This is very cool indeed. Its one of those packs where you think 'Yeah i could just go out and spent hours and hours standing about with a mic recording things but hey, Glimpse has done it for me and much better'. Which is always a bonus. Super useful pack i will probably use indefinitely.

A great idea this. As someone who's employed techniques like this for you years in my productions, I'm forever on the hunt for more textures to add to my work. This also works as a nice tool for people who want to experiment with these sorts of sounds for the first time. Could have done with some more, but that's just me! Thanks...R

A really useful selection of sampler fodder. Perfect to twist an modulate, as well as a really nice selection of ambiences and drones, all sorts of real world sounds & field recordings which provide the perfect foundations for adding mood and vibe to your tracks.

Excellent stuf from glimpse right here! These noises and textures will ad life to your beats and can help tie things together. Drum samples can often sound way too clean and stuff like this in the background that can make a surprising difference. Will try them in my tunes!

Absolute gem of a sample pack. We're always far more excited to get a hold of sample packs that don't fixate on a genre, or sometimes in this case, musicality as a whole. It allows far more versatility when implementing moments into existing productions, though that is in no way saying that there aren't sounds and hits that will inspire you to create new music. All in all, an amazing pack of atmospheric wonderfulness that will work whatever your musical tour de force.

A really useful collection of field recordings and found sounds. Good for adding texture and atmosphere to your productions and everything is clean and well recorded. Big respect on the time and effort it takes to create a solid library such as this.


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