This preset pack is really cool! I really like the quality of these sounds and also the automations. Dope distortions and really heavy sounding synths in here. I can't wait to integrate them in my next projects! GG GS!

A masterpiece and a selection of patches that keep giving for whatever style of dnb your working on. This is again a brilliant selection of sounds well thought out by ghost syndicate, and with deep control from serum itself its great fun for any producer to try and twist up these complex sounds or even still reverse engineer the patch to try your own twist on future productions.

A wicked selection of presets suitable for all sorts of bass music fully macro'd for maximum tweekability. I'd love to see a pack like this for synth sounds too as this one is only basses. Props to GS these will be getting rinsed!

Great drum and bass preset pack that gives a solid starting point for sounds and tracks. Be it you trying to reverse engineer the presets or using them as basis to sound design further from you will definitely take a lot of value out of this pack!

I will keep singing Ghost Syndicates praises! These presets are high quality and complex which is a sign that some real work went into these. I really like deconstructing the workflow to come up with my sounds when buying into the Serum preset ecosystem.. I find that's where the value is for me anyway. Aside from deconstructing for my own education the presets are all killer no filler and can be used in dubstep/garage/neuro styles or whatever cross pollination you can think of!


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