Very solid synth work. Great for chopping up and throwing about the place. The synths have great depth and are well rendered. Songstarter does exactly what it says on the tin really. Perfect for mashing into other genres or just making a nice, big Parisian shamsher.

Funk can Be Elusive , it's the undefinable something that makes you feet and legs itch .. All too often in recent dance styles it's been replaced with raw sound and an almost rock-esque-everything-on-the-4s style of beat formation . The french have always had their own slice of the Electric-funk style where Chic-Like Rhythms collide with raw oscillators and anything else lying around

Utku S had done the Tricolour proud here - these are not the kind of loops you can whack together in an afternoon - they take dedication to the cause to create and make flow and they sounds beautiful too .. It's interesting now in soundware that trusted names are starting to appear and How quickly I head for the play button when I see his name on a pack

Would be a 9 or higher if there'd been rex files or 1shots/ drums in there too - now I actually have to do some work !!

Oh la la! This pack is filled with cheeky French inspired electro and house samples that are purpose built to get you writing tracks quickly. There's loads of usable stuff here, whether you take a whole chord loop or just a few snippets of sound there's plenty here to inspire you. Great work Freaky Loops!

A+! Up the tempo, add a few of these dope samples, and a fat bassline and your looking at an immediate chart topper! This whole series is so powerful and you can't help but think how the heck did they do that? Well thank god they did because now I can make some serious bangers! Thumbs up, guys!

This pack is perfect if your looking for inspiration on your next french infused track! It has some incredible instrumental loop cuts, that are instantly catchy and useful to throw into a project and start building a track around. The highlights are the loops, but there are also great drum hits you can utilise within any genre! This is well produced and thought out pack!

Another Uktu S French Disco/ Daft Punk style set which is amazing. Older... but still great. There are 4 volumes in this series and each one is excellent. Pianos, strings, guitars, distorted leads, filtered synths and rhythmic chords, everything from basses to drums to create your own masterpiece. I feel like these loops give so much inspiration to create so many tracks, you can keep mashing these sounds endlessly. This is a big set with lots of various loops, to have you pumping out tracks very quickly.


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