Well laid out pack with useable loops and samples that will help producers create drums for most 4/4 genres. Looking forward to getting use out of these loops in my productions and remixes.

A good solid toolbox-type pack with a more no nonsense back-to-basics approach.

There's no fancy overly-produced stuff in here - but this absolutely perfect if you're looking for great drum loops to fill out your tracks or give you inspiration for all kinds of house music.

Loads of different styles, loads of different tempos and loads of variety. Recommended.

This pack is HUGE !! Exactly what I've been looking for to bust my Progressive tunes. These beats are right on point!!! If you're looking for proper loops to fill the gaps or even for foundation drums this is an excellent choice!

Nice bunch that brings a breath of tech house into any production.
Flexible formats to easily fit into any ongoing composition.
My favourites on this collection are most definitely some of the deep beats and the tech drum loops.
Thumbs up also for the percussion range, which has a nice variety of presets and consequently a lot to choose from. Great tools for your library!

Nice warm, well recorded loops here which are split into useable component parts. Not a great deal of variation overall but what is here is great. Punchy kicks and snappy snares are most prominent while the percussion loops round off an altogether decent package

This pack has been an essential tool for me over the last few months in the studio. I've found these loops really compliment an established groove that just needs a little bit of magic to really bring it to life. Highly recommended addition to any sample library.


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