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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and Trap

Some decent synth patches and strong loops to get you started. Def worth buying if you wanna get your crunk on. Rankin Audio products are always worth checking out!

Very simple and to the point sample pack. Like the style represents this pack contains phat 808 kicks and crisp hats along with a selection of claps with the right amount of crunch. The drumloops are good too, and are broken down into all the elements. This pack is essential if you write tracks in the Trap genre - it's all there and on point. For me this is also very useful for writing in any style with a strong 808 backbone as your drum section, it totally adds the flavour with no weakness or flat sounds. The synth loops are good and substantial but there needed have been more of them for me to give this quality pack a ten mark.

OH SNAP! It's the sound of trap! Is it just hip hop revamped? Is it a passing fad? Or is it the sickest bass music trend since Skrillex invented dubstep? [Calm down, Croydon, it's just a joke] - The jury is still out on these questions, but if you want to jump headlong into the hottest sound on the bass music block then you need to get this sample pack. A quick lesson in the kind of sounds trap producers are using complete a chunky slab of extremely usable loops, presets and drum hits. Well worth picking up.

A great grab bag of sounds and loops to get any ideas up and running in seconds. Use this a lot. The one shot sounds cut through in the mix and the drums are crispy tight.

always worth checking the rankin stuff if you want actual useable material , also its not just the same old shit recycled , but some original content,theres a pretty good likely hood of something you can throw down into a tune, the drums are great in this one ....dooope


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