Packed with plenty of percussion, heavy hat hits and stupendous cymbals Wave Alchemy's Loop Tools & Grooves has got plenty of original and inspiring grooves to get your tracks moving. Mostly suitable for house and 4/4 genres but with a little ingenuity you could probably squeeze some of these bits into other styles too. We have!

It's always nice to find a sample pack, that delivers exactly what it says on the cover. No promises of instant stardom or immediate chart success. Just a collection of very useful loops & tools, and these it really delivers. Anyone who has been in the game for long enough is always on the lookout for backing loops, atmos and percussion loop, that are not overly processed and won't completely colour your mix (or are so complex that the track you end up with sounds 70% like the sampled loop you used). Here you find unobstrusive percussion loops, nice rhythmic atmos and a few stackable top loops, that are perfect to fill up the gaps in your drum arrangement, rather then completely dominating it. Sound quality is good too, so all I can say is: nice one!!!

I really like the idea of having the 'groove assist' folder in this pack. I like sample packs that try to be a little bit different, so this might come in handy when I'm looking for that extra little sound or groove bit. I will definitely try to incorporate some of these in my tracks.

I really like this sample pack label. Everything I have from them is top notch and constantly used.
Here we have a really wide variety of percussion loops and grooves - all of which are highly original and experimental. Good work Wave Alchemy!

Loads of very cool loops for house and techno productions. And works for anything else too when you slice it up. Very well produced - the sound quality is top notch as you would expect from Wave Alchemy. Great pack.

So many great things to say about this one: there's a sort of eye-popping zest and zing to the fidelity and the other major ace in the deck of Loop Tools and Grooves is that it brilliantly strikes the balance between inspired bits of rhythm that individually don't go overboard and do too much. Truly a construction set that knows when to be minimal and feels targeted at the kind of producer who's going to build tracks out of near scratch into a greater whole as opposed to the borderline-Lego-block-remixing of many modern day sample packs. Incredible in both concept and quality -- a slam dunk on every level.


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