Insane amount of amazing fills- for both buildups as well as breakdowns. There are snare fills, noise fills, noise rises, melody risers, impacts, down-shifters and more. Every kind of cool sound you could think of for a great transition. This is a very big set- there's tons to chose from. You probably wont need much more than this. Freaky Loops always delivers !

Can't believe I forgot to review this.... it's been one of the most used sample packs in my studio in every project I've done

Absolute quality... no doubt about it - you need this in your life !!

The 'Ultimate' series of packs are shaping up to be some of the best sample packs available. The depth of variety around a theme is always quite staggering and this collection of samples is no different. Does what it says on the tin, in short it's an immense mix of drills, whoops and womps that will help inject that dynamic 'je ne sais quoi' into your tracks.

Very handy pack to have .. Really saves time on creating those fills and drops that add that extra something to your tracks.

Its the down shifters, Noise downs, and Misc FX sections i'm getting the most use out of..
if you want a pack that has loads of FX and crazy sounds to drop right into your track, this is one of them.


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