Really good combination of parts to create some filtered French house. There are beat loops, live bass loops, synth bass loops, guitar loops and some synth loops. Bu the best part of this set are the songstarter loops as they are called. They are basically cut-up, mashed-up, twisted and filtered loops of vocals, snyhs, guitars, basses & percussion that create a unique original style loop. Think of it as a "funky filtered complextro loop". There are different versions of each set of songstarter loops. For something a little different- this is a very cool set of sounds.

loving this pack.. got loads of Daft Punk / Cassius sounding loops and sounds perfect for giving your track the French touch ;) Am sure we'll be hearing a lot of these sounds in releases over the next year or so. As always with Loopmasters packs this pack is well thought out and organised into drums, bass, guitar and synth sections so its easy to find what you're looking for.

This series is wicked. Loved the last one and love this one just as much. Don't be fooled into thinking you can only make filter house for the likes of Jean Paul Gautier with these packs, there's plenty here that you could slip into other genres too. All of this stuff could work in electro house, dubstep and even D&B with a little work. First one to make a French house trap tune wins!

Once again, these packs are sick! This pack in particular has a few more folders than the rest with some really dope sounds! All the chops are done just right, and the layers and filters on them are top notch for that heavy track you drop at midnight! Such a simple concept and makes you realize how much less is more!

Some great sounds in here. Really fun to mess around with and you to inspire start cutting up your own samples from your records too! Well processed and clearly labelled.


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