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Genre: IDM

Additional Styles: Percussion, Artist Series, and IDM


One Shots


Sampler Patches

BPM: 95 - 190

I liked this pack. This pack is not your average percussion pack, It contains a wealth of samples that i feel can be really great for sound design and production work. The loops on there own are quite savage and contain a lot rhythm's which can be great for looping and layering into loads of styles if you keep a open mind.

i found the one shots are great for layering and can add a solid texture to any sound. The sounds are great when programming drum patterns in there own right. The over all sound and space of each loop is clean and clear. If your doing electronic music and you need some very interesting loops and one shots which can be used across lots of situations this pack features loads of formats to make your job that much easier when using this pack.

Great percussion sounds on this one. Some really interesting stuff to spice up your tracks. Could be incorporated into a plethora of different genres.

Felix's Machines are real mechanical musical machines which create electronica style pieces. So there's a whole load of nice real sound sources in here, with a very classic electronica feel about them. Plus melody and sequence samples if you're after something more complete. I ended up pulling little single hits and metalic sounds from the package to use in my Molten Landscapes track.

Really liked this pack & the concepts behind it. a nice mix of organic & machine. I found it well organised and good for real world application. I especially liked the glockenspiel sounds. The percussion loops were really useful too. Would recommend.


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