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Genre: Electro House

Additional Styles: Funk, Electro, Electro House, and House


One Shots

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BPM: 126 - 126

This set from Monster Sounds scores a 10 in my book because not only of the originality but being able to create the true vibe of the sound. Most of the vibe of this set goes back to the classic Daft Punk sound, but I havent heard anyone else tackle such a feat before. You get live bass loops, synth bass loops, beat loops, filtered loops, some vox loops and lead synth loops. Everything is cut up, smashed, glitched, mangled and twisted (in a good way) before being put together. In my opinion, its the filter & lead loops which are what brings it all together giving it that authentic DP sound. Excellent job !!

Let's get one thing straight.. DAFT PUNK are robots man! And robots are perfect! Aka this sound pack is perfecto! Every DJ/Producer/Wtf needs this collection in their library. PERIOD!


We need at lease 10 more volumes of these sound pack. Thanks Loopmasters!!!

Does exactly what is says on the tin and more. Great collection of funk/disco samples with a huge wedge of filter house chucked in for good measure. No surprise at all that its currently best seller. Bang on trend and bang on quality. Good stuff.

It's always going to be a dangerous game emulating the sounds of DP - the title itself is a bit of a statement. That said it contains a decent array of sounds and loops which, if used intelligently, could work well. Drum, bass and arp loops work best for me.

Amazing pack! so fresh and unique! Lot of creative and useful element from any genre!

Wow..I love this pack..If you want the French House sound than this is for you..This pack sounds like the real thing..With an ample amount of content bass riffs,leads,drum loops single hits it's all here. Great for adding flavor to existing tracks or starting something from scratch..Can't wait for Part 2!

Really cool pack if you dig the whole french house movement (and seriously who doesn't?!). I especially enjoy the musical loops, but I can see myself end up using some of those tasty drum loops as well. If you need a bit of that French magic have a look at this package - you won't be dissapointed


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