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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Cinematic

One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 90 - 180

Cinematic Fx Vol.2.... One word... EPICNESS! This sound pack puts the average producer on a composer level. If you're not serious about MASSIVE sound.. Do not download this pack. Thanks Loopmasters!


Superb sound design on this essential follow up to Cinematic FX Vol.1. You'll find uses for the well organised WAV's in any genre or field of music production, even beyond TV, Ads, and Games. Whether you need Sci-Fi FX, booming sub impacts, weird soundscapes or found sounds to punctuate your productions. Covers so many bases. Totally recommend this.

Vol 1 is a must and this follows on nicely, filter detune and drench these with effects and you have that depth to create some fantastic futuristic cinematic music. Perfect for drum & bass, reminds me of the radiophonic pacs that are also worth checking. class

This pack is a great addition to the cinematic fx collection. This time out the sounds err towards the electronic side of sound design and provide an interesting and high quality selection of glitches and beeps along side the ever necessary collection of rumbles, ambiences and transfer effects.

Incredibly diverse selection of sounds. Ranging from the subtle, to help give transitions greater depth, to the more abstract, which are great to add some really interesting textures into your tracks. I find packs like these are the ones you tend to come back to the most!


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