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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: EDM and Sound Archives


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BPM: 126 - 126

Another banger from Singomakers. This is a top notch set to rock and club floor. There's tons of inspiration from the melody loops and bass loops. Everything is processed with a huge, thick sound. A major bonus with this set is that not only do you get the awesome audio files- you get the midi files. I find this being an important part of the process in making a track and Singomakers has now included it. There are loads of fx, which also stand out from other sets being a bit different than the norm. The drum loops are excellent- complex rhythmic loops, just add a kick. The kicks included are amazing- keep thumping, toned kicks which fit into the style thats happening right now. This is an excellent set- grab it now.

Rezone bring another super powered collection of audio and presets for producers looking to take there productions up a notch. This is a great well rounded pack sure to give inspiration to any track in need. Highly recommend. I love the drum sounds and presets !

I really enjoy getting packs like this; content rich and with multiple parts to really help productions. This bundle contains 9 folders of EDM elements, from bass loops through to percussion and synth patches. Although the amount of content is high, the quality isn’t the best I’ve heard from these guys and it might take some trial and error before you find something that might add that ‘extra’ to your tracks.

The melody folder is probably the strongest of the bunch, with some really exciting and fresh ideas to base a track around. Everything is clearly key labelled and rendered at 126bpm and sound quality is, as always, of the highest form.

A good addition to a sample library but worth looking a bit more if you need a particular sound or style.


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