One of the best all-round packs I've found. Plenty of stuff to get your teeth into for various genres. Everything is nicely processed ready to go and there's tonnes of usable content.

Rankin come back again with a kick ass set of goodies for the Dub driven dance heads! Dubstep / DnB / ELectro junkies you will love this nasty beast of a producers package the Drums are high class and the Basses are filthy and siblime! then you have a great bag of goodies from the synth section! this is one neat bad bwoy not to be missed! 10 out of 10!

Awesome pack! So much to play with here. Everything is really well processed but there's still freedom to carve something new out from the core ideas.

Nice diversity of sounds in this large set from RA. Not sure why they are are lumped together in one set but it does give the buyer a lot to chose from. Many of the sounds can be stretched up or down to fit into each genre. There's a good selection in each tempo, 128, 140 and 174 bpm. You get drum loops, basslines, fx, chopped vocals, pads and more. You also get bass and synth hits for chopping and creating your own lines. The sounds are hard and crisp. Great EQ and compression on all the sounds. Rankin Audio always delivers top quality.

Firstly, understand that this pack is HUGE – with just under 1.5GB of content to get your musical minds around, it’s got everything from basslines to chopped-up vocal loops through to nearly 150 synth patterns and so much more, it’s a beast!

Everything is split into 3 different BPM folders, meaning that, no matter what you choose to write or what direction you want to take your productions, there is something in here for you.

I always find it’s worth checking out all genre-style packs and not just the ones based around the style of music you are writing; you never know what brilliance you will find!


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