This is a pack of well designed sounds. Its always worth looking how people are using the synth to enhance your own understanding of sound design and synthesis. The sounds in here are great for inspiration and should challenge you to push your own sound design in massive.

Sick! Loads of usable stuff here. Obviously you'd want to tweak them to get our own sound as they sound a lot like a certain label mate of mine, but that's no bad thing as a starting point :)

Nice job from Freaky Loops on these Massive complextro & dubstep sounds. Lots of arpeggiated sounds, which is great, some 'famous' style sounds thrown in for good measure as well. Mostly leads and basses- which are super hard and crunchy. The Macro controls come in very handy as well- all labeled nicely so you know what each does. The 'Supergrowl' basses are a standout !

Very-very good collection of Massive patches! Some really cool angry bass and screaming' leads here! Already used one in next track! 10/10

Complextro & Dubstep Vol. 5 - Massive Presets
by Freaky Loops

Awesome bag of goodies for you lovers of NI Massive synth! This little belter has some lush synth sounds and some amazing dark edgy bass filth perfect for dritty dirt fuelled dance music most perfect for Dubstep / drum and bass and all things electro and beyond!

fresh sounds and great variety, i think it's a very nice addition to any massive presets collection!

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