This will be a huge inspiration for our future productions, having the midi is a great idea to be able take some musicality and give our own sound to it. Some nice sounding pianos too if you just want to throw something straight into your track.

Nice selection of piano riffs- great for starting ideas. The riffs mix between jazzy and trancy mixed with some pop. You get 110, 123 & 128 bpm loops. With and without fx. Its great that they give you the midi as well so can layer and create your own sound. These loops will get you going in the right direction if you need some inspiration.

"Sarah deCourcy Presents House Piano" by Loopmasters offers an array of snappy piano parts that are well-suited to the rhythms and feel of house music. Although these parts are palatable to the ear, the piano is such a diverse instrument that this pack could go beyond standard chord progressions and alternations between notes. The pack could also offer more variety in piano timbres.

A great pack for those wanting that feeling in their tracks that you can only get from a piano. Some great ideas to help you if you're struggling to get a track going. Well worth the purchase.


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