overall a great package, something you just simply have to have after all it is todd terry ;)
I was a little disappointed on the amount of fx and vocal fx but the main reason why i got this package was for the oldschool todd flavour and that is in there :) so in my humble opinion an absolute must have in your studio collection.

Todd The God! What can I say, the man produced some of the hardest, meanest beats of the 90s. He led the way for a generation of House producers and you can still hear the influence he had in today's music. If you're a fan, this pack doesn't disappoint!

full of raw, juicy, classic todd terry sounds, always good to have access to a master's working tools.

The quality on offer here is simply astounding. The loops literally leap out at you from the speakers. Amazingly produced as you'd expect from the legend that is Todd Terry. My only criticism would be that the drum loops can sometimes a little bit busy and it would have been good to have some more stripped down versions of the same loops. Other than that highly recommended.

Sometimes the word Classic can be over used . When it comes to original house beats and drum programming there was a very good reason why the term "Todd is God" floated about the house music studios of the 90's . No one had hit hats as crunchy as this man , or understood the careful placement of a oddly trimmed SP1200 shaker better than him .

Sometimes sample packs referencing a classical past can be only a shade of the original artists' pallette as sounds get lost as technology moves forward , but not here - This is exactly as was and we used it within minutes of finding the sampler patches - each hi hat complete with the correct amount of distortion and grit

With a new worldwide fascination with 4/4 and the forward-retro programming styles , there's nothing like adding a bit of classic Todd Swing into your work ...

And yes we are biased - we remember it the 1st time round !!


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