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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: EDM and Progressive House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

Loopmasters scores a perfect 10 with this set which delivers just what it says it does..."Hooks & Drops". Everything in this set is hard and authentic club bangin hooks and drops. The buildup kits are a great idea and give you great flexibility. There are loads of choices of "drop" loops. The drum loops are broken down to give you the kick, clap, perc, top, etc- again a smart way of giving the end user a lot of room to do what they feel. Theres a small folder of fx loops- but really nice quality. The folder of hook loops gives a lot to work with , used for huge breakdowns or build-ups before you hit the "drop". Finally you get 2 folders of huge snares and kicks to bring it all together. Great set from Loopmasters with a huge current sound.

another high quality pack that focuses more on the build ups & drops which is dominating the EDM scene currently so you will have to get your thinking cap on to make the rest of the track as professional sounding as these samples.over 1 gig in size this pack truly is a monster that surely will put your productions on the right path to getting those record deals.

Big packs featuring huge amounts of high quality content is what Loopmasters are about and the reason they are the industry leader for sample and production parts – EDM Hooks & Drops is one to add to that collection! This is a monster package with over 1GB of fresh loops, sounds, stabs, percussion, FX and much more – add to the mix a huge range of sampler patches and you have total control over your next big production. Don’t let the title fool you however, this isn’t just for EDM, with most of the content being useable in almost any style of dance music – the only thing holding you back is your own creativity!


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