"Weird Little One Shots" by Industrial Strength records is a collection of eclectic hits, glitches, snaps, claps and raindrops that can be used in electronic music production. Sounding as if they were recorded in a tunnel, these sounds feel distant and echoing. However, the sound selection is too varied to get a grasp on its best uses.

This is just really useful for adding textures to my mix - nice little weird sounds that really give tracks an over good feel to them. Love the Squiggles in particular. Would definitely recommend it!

Love this. I've been using something out of it in nearly every tune.

It's mostly one shots and there's not tons of them but what's in there is top quality weird fx one shots. Which for me are often the hardest thing to find.

They could also be used for drums if you make glitchy stuff

I'm a huge fan of keeping the audio toolbox loaded up with fresh non-tonal fx and for that this pack is a winning collection.  The samples within are decidedly unmusical blips (and I mean that in a good way) compared to traditional "one shots" collections yet become musical (or textural or percussive etc) once in your sampler / DAW and so on.  Tons of intriguing sounds here and a decent percent of them are instantly inspiring. 


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