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I really like this set from PBB because it does what Ive been doing myself for quite some time- except this comes all in one package. Each fill is really a mini produced fill based on a combination of live drums and midi drums with some fx mixed in. Each one of these great fills is also chopped up in a really creative way - bringing a lot of energy to the section. You get 100 fills and a bonus of add on noises & snare fx.

A very handy, well sounding pack of fills! Whether you need to build some attention right before the drop, or just need a little extra groove to your drums, this pack will do! Well mixed and easy to integrate straight into your projects!

This new pack From Push Button Bang really supplies a cool selection of fx audio to use when creating drops The pack is not that bigm but has loads of usable fills, lead ins and drop downs that make this pack a great time saver especially when you want to get your ideas down fast with not much fuss. Sweet studio tool for sure.

rightly or wrongly the most important part of a big room track this year is THE FILL which builds up your track into your killer drop. if you dont get this part right forget about it. this pack is perfect for those moments in your track which will define it and make it stand out.


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