"Live Deep Jazz House Vol2" by Loopmasters presents a unique blend of genres: deep house and old school jazz. This pack comes with an array of piano, organ and brass riffs typical of jazz but specifically crafted for house. This pack is perfect for producers who want to create music that provides atmosphere for restaurants, bars and lounges.

Really liked Volume 1 so I was pleased to find out Volume 2 is the same standard. Well recorded with stacks to choose from here whether it be vocals, live instruments, percussion, fx and even flugel horns! Used with imagination this is potentially killer

Another fantastic instalment, well worth the download as I use the original pack so much! The rex files are all so useful, love everything in this pack especially the live bass hits.

There are more vocals in this pack than previously with the 1st edition which is great! This pack has so much to offer any producer. Organic and full of amazing textures!! 9/10

Definitely some cool sounds here.. Always key to include some live instruments if you can! The vocals are super unique and piano chords are very authentic.. The great sounding brass and slappin uprights automatically give you that groove that keeps you separate from what everyone else is doing but yet keeps it funky enough to make the floor bounce! I mean, who doesn't like jazz?!?

Some really useful loops in this pack.
Drums are great and will fit into any style of house, especially if you are creative with them.
Also features some great bass loops, again get creative and these will fit into most styles of house, not just jazzy house.

Vocals are useful and so are the brass and key loops..
All in all a useful pack.


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