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Genre: House

Additional Styles: House and Vocals

Some absolutely great vocals in this pack!

A must have for any one wanting to add some vocals to their tracks, definately mixes nice with a groove!

awesome, great singer and has the pack has that proper "house accapealla " feeling, bit like digging thru the old accapealla albums back in the day to sample a snippit ...lots of gems in here and the sound is lush on the production front just how you would want it, well worth checking this one out

This pack is everything I expected it to be - big, original, royalty free vocals, perfect for several styles of writing. There is a massive amount of content available, over 1.5GB of big vocal action - must-buy for those wanting a hook on their next anthem.

Fantastically well recorded, and perfect for grabbing phrases for a track, or whole vocals to get a session up and running straight away. Love packs like this.

House Vocal Session is a really great collection of vocal presets. The selection comprises of full length tracks and stems, including Ad libs, hooks, chorus and lead, as well as short phrases that can turn things a little bit more catchy on the production frond. These presets also can be chopped and become a great addition to nowadays techno!

Trend-setting additions like vocals are given the thumbs up!!

Some great vocals in this pack. If you're looking to add that extra something to your music this is a good place to start. Loops, hits and harmonies this pack has something for almost everyone.

Everything you would wish for from a house vocal pack!
A really great selection of samples in various different keys. The pack contains twelve full songs with verse, chorus, adlibs etc..
Theer is also a separate 'Hooks & Phrases' folder with some really cool ready snipped and effected vocal hooks. This is really handy and makes the pack a whole lot more exciting to flick through.
All in all an awesome pack. If you are looking for vocal samples with a house flavour, look no further!


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