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Genre: Dub

Additional Styles: Dub, Reggae, Ultimate Series, and Dancehall


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 63 - 180

The bass hits and dub effects were dope, very true to the dub nature but with an updated feel. Particularly enjoyed the oldskool sounding sirens.

This pack is great value. Overall it has an authentic sound. I especially like the drums. Firstly the one shots. These are all nicely done. They've even thrown in some beatbox sounds which is a nice touch. There kits are nice too. Thought has gone into the way these are grouped together. Let's move onto the loops. There are heaps of good drum loops/fills etc.. Some of these are broken down into separate stems for ease of programming. It's really easy to get things moving quickly if you need something to write over. Alternatively you can cherry pick individual sounds a build a beat the old fashioned way. I love packs like this one. Good value and great sounding! Go forth and make dub!!

An incredible amount of audio terrain is covered here via multis, one-shots, loops, construction kits.. quality excellent throughout. The beauty of this mighty collection is that we get source material from multiple packs / artists so there's variety built in as well as an overall cohesiveness in the name of Dub. There are some absolutely mint drops in the Drum Loops section and generally sparkling material everywhere to inspire productions with any needed degree of dub injection for a very long time. Blown away by this one.

Huge library and great selection of sounds from all over the reggae spectrum. From drum hits & loops, to delayed effects & music hits, vocals and more! Can absolutely see myself going through this a fair few times for little bits & pieces to add to tracks. Well worth it for anyone who's looking to add a dub or reggae angle to their productions.

The title is accurate. This is a deeply curated pack - best of compilation - covering all bases and basses. If you want one 'go to' comprehensive collection to start a track rooted in Jamaican Dub culture this is it. Screams value, authenticity, high production values, attitude and energy.


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