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Genre: FX

Additional Styles: FX, Cinematic, and Sound Archives

Absolutely epic!!
Being a sound designer and loops producer myself I don't often use other peoples sounds, but this package is one that I think will become essential to crafting my skills.

A truly inspirational package of the missing links in modern dance music!

Absolute quality. This is essential stuff for filling those difficult gaps in all different kinds of dance music. Even if you just need a little clicky noise to pad out a drum loop there are great ones. There's also loads of stuff for making wicked build ups and little whooshies a plenty. It's the sort of pack you will be using for the next 5 years no problem

This is a great collection of sounds for soundscaping / film / tv ad work. There's just about every kind of ramp, impact and transition you can imagine. Sounds are well grouped and presented. Great for darker / deeper forms of Dubstep / D&B / FG too. Highly recommended.

Not the basic starter kit for a FX collection but a good addition or upgrade to any existing library like the Push Button Bang RISE collection. The FX are mostly a bit special or tonal but good for use in productions, be it as transitions, stops, drops or just in a more tonal context. The number of samples good for the price, I could recommend this library when you look to get a step furtehr than the usual noise sweeps and blips.

Outstanding collection of multipurpose Music-Cine-Gametastic sound design and effects tools to add that professional touch to your productions. Damn I need at least another three clones of me, so I could be on it 24/7 making futuresonica, chillstep, techhop, scifunk and whatever else my/your imagination can conjur with using just this single collection. Far too much choice now Jedi..stop and make some tunes!

This is just wonderful. A huge collection of clean, brilliantly produced sound effects that have come in handy for both music production and sound design. There's a nice range of modern, full quality whooshes and bangs, as well as lots of noodley little 8 bit glitches and much, much more. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

One of the best multipurpose FX packs I've heard and the kind of collection that stays permanently useful. So much ground is covered and each of the 17 sub-folders are like drawers full of well organized razor-sharp sound design tools. Infinite layering and combination possibilities plus top fidelity throughout make 'Twist' worth getting excited about.


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