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Genre: Acid House

Additional Styles: Bass, Classic House, Techno, House, and Acid House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 125 - 138

You can definately tell these are taken from real 303's they have "the" sound. Best thing with this pack is the range of sounds , its not just bog standard samey , think a bit of time has been spent getting interesting sounds .Will be sampling some of these Multis and using them as bass sounds ...there DOPE Fat Analogy Goodness.
If you need 303 or even some fat bass tones then this is well worth a look

A spacious playground of all things Acid in nature: immediately familiar 303 action as well as farther out spacey bubbling brews which come to twitching life when placed against the simplest of rhythms. In addition to the loops are several folders of single shots and slides all of which add up to a fantastic acid construction kit.

Awesome selection of all things Acid in this pack and i'm sure there's plenty to keep producers in all genres pretty happy! Really impressed with the huge selection of immediately usable loops and in particular there's some great go to multi-samples & hits that allow you to make something of your own from scracth. Defo a great one-stop shop for all your 303 needs!

Three Zero Three
by Loopmasters

Acid Tripping mayhem 303 Bass in ya face too dam right! Now okay folks will use it in their various house tracks but bowy this dam mother is perfect for you Neuro Dub Driven Bass Junkies! Playing with much of this on dirty DnB Dubstep tracks and sounds sick! Yep grab this its a belter!


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