Climax is just that. A sample collection of builds and effects which add to any climactic event. This pack works very well in pre and post production. and can work very nicely in Music production. The Foley fx sounds can also be used in Hip Hop and just about any Electronic genre. If you looking for Whoosh's Passer Buy, and reverse Fx this pack has enough to keep you coming back for more. There are so many its like a one stop shop for this type of effect. There is enough usable content in here to build up your own cinematic climaxes in no time flat. The sounds can be layered and or used as is for a quick fix.

Really impressive raw and treated recordings under the category of cinematic/score/cue reverses/wooshes/fly-bys/pass bys. It's a niche pack but a really useful one for this sector.
Personally looking forward to exploring the raw recordings as a palette of unusual waveforms for sound design experimentation.

2GB of cinematic whooshes, fly-bys and suchlike, divided into 313 processed shots and the 600 raw...

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If you're looking for push effects or impacts for syncing with film or producing pretty much any genre of electronic music, look no further! This pack is packed to the brim with these effects. From Jet take offs and passing cars to otherworldly sound designs this pack caters for any style of production. As always with Cinetools the quality is super high and the all of the content sounds amazing. The samples are sorted in to folders of film genre so it's easy to find what you're looking for, and the raw samples are also included which are also really usable and useful! Another amazing pack from cinetools!

Really well recorded sound fx split in two categories. The Designed sounds folder are very much Hollywood style movie FX, but really well processed and mixed. The different sub folders of movie genres helps to steer you in the right direction, but are somewhat interchangeable. These sounds have been useful in soundtrack work, but could easily be used in dance production too. I hadn't looked into the other raw field recordings folder until recently, but there is a great selection of various foley and studio sounds in here. Possibly more versatile as they aren't instantly associated with movie sounds.


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