Good selection of useful pads and textures. Well recorded with great stereo interest. Ranging from smooth and organic to the more futuristic. Great for ducking by drums and breakdown sections. Simple and to the point. Atmospheric and infinitely useful

I downloaded this after having used the Dark textures pack.

I found this pack to be just as good if not better than Dark Textures. After using Dark textures for a few weeks I found that they we're sometimes a bit too much to use along side other sounds as they contain discords in some of the samples. Thats great if you are looking for that or are just using them as the main atmos in an arrangement but it stops them from being as versatile as I would like.

This pack doesn't have that problem and I feel is much more usable. The sounds can be layered and play much nicer with other sounds. Like Dark textures, the sounds are of great quality and full of character. Also don't be fooled by the Light textures name, that doesn't mean they're all soft and twinkly, The pack covers all bases and some of the sounds work really well for dark music.

These lush sample patches are going to come in very handy over the coming months, so take's not always about the latest batch of Tech Loops! A good producer should be digging deep and searching far and wide for new sounds Here you'll find some really inspiring textures to add depth and atmosphere to any production style. This pack is a hidden gem!

When checking out the Loopmasters library, i'm always on the hunt for something a bit different to help think outside the box. This definitely delivered.
Great pads and atmospheres to give you a really nice starting ground for something more chilled out or experimental. I keep this pack in close reach when looking for transitions and flybys, it just always seems to deliver. Great work!

Light Textures is a wonderfully sublime sample package with some lush pad sounds to some outstanding fx and synth sounds a pefect combination for any style and is most definatly a must for those lovers of electronica.


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