Evidently inspired by 'Stranger Things' and the synthwave scene in general, Angelica is a...

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Full of beautiful soundscapes, melodies and stunningly vocodered vocals, this pack will transport you to a higher plane of existence. If you're a fan of artists like Imogen Heap / Frou Frou, then you should definitely check this pack out. Not just a great singer, but also a fantastic song writer, Angelica has provided a pack that will both stun and amaze, love it!

Angelic, Smooth, Beautiful VOCALS here. Likeing this pack alot. Lots of cool textures and vocal effects that you can use for the background of track.. but in saying that also some strongs samples that can be used as a hook. A couple nice inspiration kits which I hope don't get used too much by producers as I want to use them eventually. All in all good quality as expected from Freaky Loops.

I've been having fun layering and mangling the content here, lots of good atmospheric and effects laden vocal timbres to bring life to a track, lots of nice textures and detailing elements too. Also some good kits and Ableton ready content for those of you who want to use the pack in that way.

Evocative and inspiring. This will have multiple uses speaking multiple styles, tempos and feelings. Vocal textures are crucial to adding human feeling and this pack delivers! Imagine I'll get a lot of mileage out of this pack.


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