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Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Jazz, Sound Archives, and Instruments


Sampler Patches

BPM: 60 - 180

We're always trying to reintroduce more organic elements into drum & bass and these loops are a great way of doing it.

Not only are the sounds warm and authentic, you get the human swing of the drummer which livens up the track and gets you further away from that 'machine' feeling.

The varied time signatures are great, especially when you chop them up and loop them differently.

The quality of the individual drum hits is excellent, especially the brush kits.

really well produced drums here for a mix of uses..all very organic and well laid out. for house or downtempo you will find good use for this

Wanted something organic for a new production and stumbled across this sample pack. Some very special jazz orientated instruments in this rex pack. From Hammond to trumpets and piano to brass if you want to funk up and jazz out a composition then this ones you!

Really enjoyed mostly from this pack was the use of chord changes in the piano sections. some interesting characters in all the key arrangements.

It took me a while to get into the vibe of using this pack as there is just so much to chew threw it was daunting. but once we where acquainted with the pack things feel into place. There is a great section of brass and chord fx, flute solos, sax solos, trombone and trumpets, Everything you need to bring that blue note vibe to your tracks. The percussion section is also a valuable resource.

just note that there is a huge volume of material to go through in this pack.

we needed a decent vibey jazz drum part for a track , this was the one , nice and atmospheric , nice to have the kits also to program your own , but the star is deffo the loops , there brilliantly recorded with loads of live room sound so we could make them lo fi and mashed to get the real sound we wanted , not 100 percent sold on the "vintage" loops tht are in there, sounded a little too filtered to use , but you can make your own versions from the original loops any way ...awesome pack if you need that jazz vibe would recommend this

There is always a chance , just a chance that anything with the word Jazz in the tit;e can enter to horrific world of the smooth .. Luckily the artwork gives this away - This pack is true to the form we all want to hear - Sleazy , late night , smoky seductive notes that pop away at the subconscious - This pack feels like you walked down the stairs at the 606 club , persuaded someone you were on the list , propped yourself up at the bar and stayed till 3am .. Great playing , great recording , true to the artform , yet inclusive enough to make the loops easy to use .. someone's going to take a load of these loops and make the next St Germain Album - that will then no doubt be over tv adverts for the next decade .. worth every penny


A large pack of well organised jazz samples which can be used for both electronic and acoustic composition/production. Like the addition of a playable sampler jazz piano to add flourishes to the existing melodic and harmonic passages. Would recommend as a comprehensive sonic palette to benefit any track with a jazzy touch.


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