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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Drums, House, and Techno

LOVE it! great variety, comprehesnive collection of non-usual cool and phat drum sounds! Works really well with the tracks I'm working on! This is a nice addition to any existing sample library, apart from the general basic stuff!

A huge of array of sounds from glitchy 8 bit disco vibes all the way to booming bottom feeding kicks via crisp sci fi vibes. Syncussion, seems to have a sound for every song that your working on. Along with the high quality sound recording this is a package that would suit every kind of producer no matter what genre your working in.

Organised in an easy to use manner with Kicks and snares separated out for you so it is very easy to audition your sounds.

All the samples seem to cut through your mixes like butter. Highly recommended.

Excellent release by Wave Alchemy. Absolute must have for your drum library. Loaded with all kinds of drum part gems. Loving the hats some with interesting low end treats you would not expect.

I was looking for loads of Lo-Fi Science Fiction old school analog perc sounds and bits..... This is the perfect package for anyone who wants to make his music sound like proper galaktic disco/techno tracks. You can be sure that i will use this a lot in my futur productions..... Love that proper old school futuristic sound !!! Great one indeed

This is a really unique sounding pack that is full of useful hits, clicks and bleeps that will spice up any electronic drum kit.

As usual with Wave Alchemy the samples are beautifully recorded and many are ready to use straight out the box with no further processing needed.

The percussion samples and drums recorded to tape are excellent.

Great collection of samples from this rare little beast! Some nice juicy analogue fatness as well as harsh glitchiness that will sit well in many electro/electronic mixes. Nice to have the some of the samples run through additional analogue outboard gear as well as seeing the insides of the SP-12 for some added 12 bit grittiness.

Fantastic sounding drum machine. I haven't heard about it before and was very impressed by the tones and sound quality of the bits included in this package. Some of the mangled sounds are excellent, but it's all about the classic snares, kicks and percs one would expect from a drum machine that makes this pack stand out in my opinion. The kick drums especially sound soft, round and punchy.

All the sounds are available unprocessed as well as run through a tape machine, which is a nice additional feature.


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