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Genre: Hip Hop

Additional Styles: Artist Series, Hip Hop, and Chillout


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

BOMB SQUAD Tactical Beats and sample Artillery is here! What a fine collection of filthy grimey and total lush sounds inna Bomb Squad stylee! This massive producers package contains 7 drum folders of outragous and eclectic drum loops I have heard in many a year. The way the drum loops are created with real and electronic drum sounds is just a breakbeat junkie's delight but also transcend into the avant garde :D and there is more!!! 4 fx folders of pounding sonics, ambient and music loops which trancend across all genres, then there is the bass! What a monster! Wow - anyone who likes bass will absolutly love it. This outstanding collection of sound is so diverse that I think any Musician and producer from HipHop to Transnational Dubstep will find melt into subsonic ecstacy! This for me is a total 10 out of 10 for not only creativity but for its futurist and anarchic energy that pushes all the boundries!

Great collection of sounds especially if you are looking for atmospherics and effected drums and percussion. I'm big on drums and this has some very useable effected loops that will slot well into almost any style. The keys and basslines are well recorded and as a whole this pack could cross most genres.

Now that's what I'm talking about! With this pack you can make some heavy tracks – that's for sure! Everything in it sounds massive and phat that you automatically beginn to shake your head. There's so many stuff in it I don't even know where to begin. I think I'm going to start with the bass because bass is always good!

Good sound quality and wide range of influences make this useful for all kinds of genres. Not just a hip hop sample bank by a long shot!

Wow, this is way more usable than I expected !! An absolute @!£@load of loops at 120bpm, some really gnarly messed up stuff but also some really tight clubby loops too. Love the individual drum hits too, super cool kicks snares and perc. Bigups !!

I like a lot of the sounds here. They sound good in the mix and definitely have a nice edge to them. This is more the kind of sounds I will look for in my alternative productions and not so much for the club stuff I like to do but they are nice and atmospheric.

As with a lot of the sample packs available I maybe not be a standard set of drums you do go for regular productions, certainly not with house for example but it very useful to have this stuff in your library.

We're in one of the most creative periods of electronic music since the advent of the sampler . As a result no producer is confined by one style . This opens up a whole area of sample pack that can fit between genres which is exactly what this pack does beautifully - we were after some sawn-off dub effects for a downtempo track and ended up getting lost in this perfectly crafted piece of sound design . Probably even more relevant now than when it was first made - top work !

Some fairly way out sounds and percussion in this pack which aren't appropriate for a lot of the tracks I make but then, they're not meant to be. Very atmospheric stuff which is great as hits or loops for tripped out downtempo material and fx in House music.


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