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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass

Seriously great sounding pack! love the over all vibe as you don't get to see many liquid packs with this aggression and high level of production put in behind the scenes. The basslines are phat and sound amazing, whilst the drums are where its really at for us, there is a lot to choose and each sounding impeccable! a well worth it pack if you fancy going on a slightly deeper flex.

Another top end pack from the might Ghost Syndicate, an interesting and introspective journey through a strange sonic palette of liquid and funk based sounds and drums. Very creative pack with every element you need to fill out and produce some really cool music, love the drumloops, all split into there individual sections and parts, shedloads of atmospheric loops and synths and of course the standard Ghost Syndicate speaker smashing baselines!.

Ghost Syndicate have got it spot on with this pack. Hauntingly beautiful, but heavy which I love. Really cinematic and dramatic, really well put together. I really love the fact you get the tracked out individual Beats, so you get a full versions & the the seperate hits, which is so good & we are seeing more of this which is good as you get a chance to see how beats wre constructed with being able to utilise every element. A very decent size sound libiary, with plenty of choice, really like the Instrument Loops really well put together and sound really nice, from mellow & beautiful Piano's to agressive Synths. I really like this contriction of sounds as you can build very dramitic & tence arrangements for your latest production. You get a good selction of Bass, Atmos Loops, with percussion & FX. A real shame their is know choice of Sampler Instruments, but its not a deal breaker but it would be a nice addition.

Another great pack from Ghost Syndicate! With such a prolific output we went it with really high expectations and once again they didn’t disappoint. Like the GS "Journey" pack this one also approaches liquid from a much more techy angle adding a dimension of grittiness. Our favourite sections were the synths instrumental & atmo loops which were musically evocative and have immense potential as a springboard for new ideas. The Bass Loops are mapped out across almost all keys of an octave giving the user a lot of options. The Drum Loops are in layers, so replacing a snare or a kick in a given break is easy. Sonically all sounds share similar processing which makes them play well with each other without the need for many effects! Ghost Syndicate is here to reign!


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